BIG LIFE Foundation is supporting the community conservation project. Honeyguide Foundation are working with local communities to manage and conserve their natural resources. Through this community conservation project, BIG LIFE have been able to donate much needed equipment to the Village Game Scouts (VGS)of the Enduimet Wildlife Management Area in the West Kilimanjaro and Longido area, including: patrol vehicles, radio communications, GPS devices for wildlife monitoring and professional training in patrolling and ambush techniques as well as provided much needed leadership by providing an experienced platoon commander.

With these new tools, the VGS will soon become a highly effective ground force that will have the necessary skills and resources needed to properly protect wildlife and natural resources for future generations.  Importantly, this project will further link these communities’ conservation efforts within a much larger protection initiative by developing and combining communication and collaborative strategies with the anti-poaching teams of Ndarakwai Ranch in Tanzania and BIG LIFE across the border in Kenya.

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