The Nature Conservancy

TNC increases our abilities to manage complex, innovative initiatives across northern Tanzania. As the largest conservation organization in the world, TNC takes the right approach in Africa, focusing on empowering successful local organizations with strong track records. Honeyguide is thrilled in directly collaborating with TNC through multiple innovative initiatives.

African Wildlife Foundation

AWF works alongside Honeyguide to protect a critical cornerstone of the Tarangire-Manyara ecosystem, Manyara Ranch, which also serves as a stronghold for bull elephants. Long-time partners, Honeyguide and AWF hope to expand upon the exciting things happening in community-based conservation at Manyara Ranch.

Drollinger Family Charitable Foundation

The Drollinger Family Charitable Foundation pushes us to new heights and strengthens our core capacity. We would have never experience our reacent positive growth without them.

At Honeyguide, we have always been more than colleagues and more than a team. We are like an extended family. Our unity is our greatest strength. – Damian Bell


USAID-funded projects now serve as our largest source of funding, via the PREPARED, PROTECT, and EENT projects and has inspired us to replicate and scale up our successful programs. We are thrilled to be leading so many robust, wide-ranging, and potentially transformative initiatives via USAID.

Asilia Africa & Trust

Asilia Africa gave Honeyguide its very beginning and continues to support us in key ways, which now has more potential with the creation of the Asilia Trust non-profits in the UK and US.


TRIAS, a Belgian development agency, has led the charge in the critical Synergy project, in which Honeyguide provides support in HWC prevention and wildlife protection along the corridor that runs from Tarangire-Manyara to Lake Natron.


Without powerful images, it’s hard to tell our story. That’s why we are so grateful to groups like Photography4Life.


For years, a partnership with TPW was in the works but finally became a full-scale reality and will influence everything we do on the ground.


Honeyguide is a founding member of this nine-organization strong coalition leading an intensive initiative across the Tarangire-Manyara landscape and beyond.

Elewana Africa

As a welcome partner in tourism, Elewana supports Honeyguide’s crop protection efforts around Randilen WMA.


After years of trying to fund community-owned tourism, Honeyguide finally found a champion in the Belgian Technical Cooperation.


FRIENDS OF SERENGETI SWITZERLAND are committed to support Tanzania’s outstanding conservational efforts and extraordinary investments in the country’s future.