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Monitoring for Stronger Strategies

A strategy that is not informed by data is no strategy at all. Every single unit and team in Honeyguide monitors their activities and uses data to improve their performances among our five programs and across six community-based conservation areas. Mobile technology and innovative methods support the leaders who guide Honeyguide every single day.

Results from ODK Survey

Ranger Patrol Efforts

Mapping Patrols

Patrol Distance Covered

SMART Conservation

Organizations throughout the world have adopted SMART conservation software to improve management of natural resources and wildlife. Honeyguide now uses SMART, along with related apps, to guide our programs. For example, we can now quickly new poaching trends and gaps in wildlife protection, prompting team commanders to adapt their patrol routes and strategies.

Innovation & Development

At Honeyguide, we have a team of young professionals constantly seeking new ways to realize solutions to complex problems – whether we are developing our own app to better track tourism revenue or simply looking at the poaching crisis through the eyes of communities, as validated by data to support our strategies.