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Honeyguide runs programs which strengthen community-owned conservation areas in northern Tanzania. This is accomplished by focusing on five program goals: developing the “business side” of community conservation; improving management and governance; facilitating two-way communication flows between communities and leadership; reducing and safely de-escalating instances of human-wildlife conflict; and protecting habitats for sustainable use by humans and wildlife. By integrating these approaches, we are promoting the long-term success of community conservation.

“We can benefit more from tourism and take the lead in conserving the lands around so we receive more benefits,”
– Lomoyani Simel, Honeyguide’s tourism officer.

“We have saved more crops this year than any other. Farmers and communities become so much more supportive of conservation when you help protect their livelihoods.”
– Loiruk A. Mollel, a Honeyguide HWC field officer.

Honeyguide Project News

Improving Local Livelihoods in Burunge

July 14th, 2023|0 Comments

Improving local community livelihoods and habitat through  equitable governance and effective management of Burunge  Wildlife Management Area Project Background Burunge Wildlife Management Area (BWMA) is a community-owned and managed protected area in