Management & Governance

Professional, accountable management and governance teams are indispensable components of well-run community conservation areas. Honeyguide improves leadership and management by: implementing assessment procedures to identify strengths and weaknesses and ensure leaders and managers receive regular feedback; conducting trainings and workshops for current and future leaders; and providing tools, ranging from accounting software to human resources policies, that professionalize management practices. We have developed a customized process to strengthen the management of Wildlife Management Areas, this is the Management Assessment and Tools (ma&t) program. With strong management and governance in place, Wildlife Management Areas can run themselves long after Honeyguide has left

Leadership Assessment

Honeyguide’s first step in its management and governance programming is assessment, since each training regimen is based on the relative strengths and weaknesses of each Wildlife Management Area. Honeyguide uses the SAGE assessment tool to identify growth areas and then creates a clear, specific plan for how to address them. The results from initial assessment also create a benchmark against which progress can be measured, with further assessments taking place at regular intervals.

Read more about SAGE here.

Leadership Coaching

Honeyguide trains management and governance teams of Wildlife Management Areas to build their in-house capacity to deal with day-to-day operations and plan strategic goals. We firmly believe that Wildlife Management Areas have the best chance of success when they are truly locally run, as communities are then more likely to engage and take ownership of the body. Outside of formal sessions, we always remain open to questions from management and governance to help them navigate difficult issues or learn new approaches to problem-solving.

Management Tools

Honeyguide helps build the “soft infrastructure” of management to standardize and simplify day-to-day operations. With our Management Assessment and Tools (ma&t) program, we have developed guidelines for how management and governance teams should operate, for example by creating human resource documents and or delineating policies regarding financial compensation. Other useful additions to the management’s repertoire may include computer software. Both in Randilen and Makame, Honeyguide provided the management team with QuickBooks, an accounting program that significantly simplifies bookkeeping and financial reporting.

Management & Governance News

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