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Management & Governance

Sound governance and management structures drive successful community-based conservation. Honeyguide mentors leaders and administrators in WMAs and communities and implements accountability and monitoring systems. We have also worked with Randilen WMA to create the first ever manager position in Tanzania for WMAs. With a professional manager now being trained and effectively guiding day-to-day strategies and business, Randilen WMA shows the potential to become a model conservation area for the country.

Revenue & Financial Accountability

For wildlife management areas, the bottom line is the bottom line. Without improved capacities of WMA managers and administrators to both increase revenue and financial accountability, WMAs simply will not be sustainable and wildlife and communities will lose out. That is why Honeyguide works to arm such leaders with the tools they need to become more successful, including a mobile app for revenue tracking, a financial toolkit, and an extensive training and mentoring curriculum.

Honeyguide itself started as a small local non-profit and knows fully well that the first step toward growth and success starts with a strong system for financial accounting and revenue generation. We pass on such values and systems to our close partners and the leaders of community-based conservation.

Management & Governance News

Increasing Accountability to Improve Outcomes

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Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) conserve the wilderness, protect the habitat, and promote sustainable economic development that minimizes its impact on local ecosystems. With such ambitious objectives, it’s no surprise that a diversity of professional expertise is

Honeyguide Opened Environmentally Sound Buildings at Randilen WMA

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May Day Awards for Randilen Rangers

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“I am so proud of you guys and well appreciate your works towards conservation, you can now go to work beyond Randilen borders as long as conservation is concerned” said the District Game Officer, Mr