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Where we work

With a focus on northern Tanzania, Honeyguide operates in Community Wildlife Management Areas, national parks, and critical corridors and migratory routes, including the landscapes of Amboseli-Kilimanjaro, Tarangire, Manyara, and the Serengeti. Honeyguide, we take the ecosystem approach to community-based conservation and partner with like-minded organizations to expand our collective reach and overall positive impact. We also collaborate with partners in Kenya to implement transboundary conservation initiatives.

Areas of Operation

West Kilimanjaro

Down the slopes from Africa’s greatest mountain, the plains and savannah of West Kilimanjaro serve as a critical corridor for elephants moving to and from Amboseli National Park in Kenya. The landscape remains protected as part of the Enduimet Wildlife Management Area, more than 1,200 km² that is also home to resident elephant, giraffe, lesser kudu, gazelle, lion, gerenuk, and many other animals. Maasai pastoralists dominate Enduimet’s semi-arid interior, with agro-pastoralists and farmers residing in the fertile lands of Kilimanjaro’s foothills. Honeyguide has worked in Enduimet since 2011 and the people of Enduimet remain like family to us.
Our projects in Kilmanjaro: Human Wildlife Conflict Prevention. Wildlife Protection. Management and Governance. Environmental Education.  Enterprise Development.

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“”Honeyguide and Enduimet are like brothers. We have grown up together, and we work together every day to see how we can best protect the land and support the people. – Komolo Simel, Chairman, Enduimet WMA



Manyara connects Tarangire to a greater landscape of semi-arid savannahs and rugged wilderness. Maasai pastoralists live in villages throughout the area, which is set against the towering backdrop of the Great Rift escarpment. While Lake Manyara National Park is the most famous and visited area in the landscape, Manyara Ranch stands also as a small but critical ecological nugget of the ecosystem, supporting manifold resident and migrating herds of elephants, multiple lion prides, wildebeest, eland, antelope, and countless other species. Beyond Manyara, Honeyguide also works with the villages that run through key migratory routes up to Lake Natron.
Our projects in Manyara: Human Wildlife Conflict Prevention. Wildlife Protection. Management and Governance.


The name itself evokes images of natural wonder: endless plains, millions of wildebeest, silhouetted acacias at sunset. Honeyguide started working outside of Serengeti National Park late in 2014, supporting government operations with our tracker dog unit. Since then, elephant poaching in the area has been rendered negligible. We remain committed to exploring the many ways in which our five-program integrated community-based conservation approach can support the greater ecosystem of Serengeti-Masai Mara.
Our projects in Serengeti: Human Wildlife Conflict Prevention. Wildlife Protection.  Enterprise Development.




The Tarangire landscape includes some of the most extraordinary wildlife areas in the world, including one of the last strongholds of elephants. It also has a vast range protected lands, including national parks, wildlife management areas, easements, conservancies, forest reserves, livestock and wildlife corridors, and more. Honeyguide operates throughout the landscape, including in Randilen WMA, Burunge WMA, Makame WMA, and the Simanjiro plains.
Our projects in Tarangire: Human Wildlife Conflict Prevention. Wildlife Protection. Management and Governance. Environmental Education.  Enterprise Development.