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Enterprise Development

Economic benefits for communities are central to successful conservation models. Such enterprises should ideally complement the sustainable use of natural resources and the conservation of wildlife. With expertise in public-private partnerships, Honeyguide focuses on supporting responsible tourism ventures within WMAs and related conservation areas. To launch this program, we have begun to build community-owned campsites and develop tourism products and tools for Enduimet WMA in West Kilimanjaro.

Community-Owned Campsites & Tourism

Honeyguide is currently developing a community-owned campsite and tourism venture with Enduimet Wildlife Management Area in West Kilimanjaro. It goes far beyond building campsites, developing websites, and marketing new locally run tourism products. The initiative aims at redefining how tourism can be done in Tanzania and how it can revolutionize communities’ perceptions of living with wildlife and beside conservation areas. In Enduimet, Honeyguide is testing this model, with the hope of rolling it out throughout Tanzania.

Sustainable Tourism

Honeyguide together with the Trade for Development Centre have developed tourism products in Enduimet WMA with the aim to increase revenues and benefits for the WMA and local communities; the tourism funds support the long-term sustainability of the Enduimet WMA.

Tourism provides income for members of the community and also revenues to the WMA; these funds to enable the WMA to pay for the anti-poaching rangers, provide support to the community to address human-wildlife conflict, to support local development such as the construction of schools and provide funds for students to have scholarships to attend higher education.

This film was produced by the partners to showcase the tourism in Enduimet.

Communities of Enduimet WMA

Some nine villages are part of Enduimet WMA, including the farming and agro-pastoral communities along the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro and the more traditional pastoralists in the village of Sinya amidst the wooded savannah and plains. The Maasai are the most predominant group throughout the area. For tourism, such Maasai communities can offer even more cultural and adventure experiences than those that live beside national parks and other conservation areas. Enduimet has the potential to define new diverse paths for tourism in Tanzania.

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