Making People and Wildlife Interdependent

Who we are

We believe that change is driven by communities taking ownership of their future and shaping it in their vision. This means that we not only think that communities can run their own conservation areas—they need to. We empower communities by building up their in-house capabilities to run community protected areas in an effort to achieve sustainability across three dimensions: financial, environmental, and social. We have a core team of more than 50 individuals—all Tanzanians, ranging from tech-savvy university graduates to veteran anti-poaching commanders, future women leaders to Maasai elders—who are committed to achieving our goal. When communities are equipped with the tools and skills necessary to take the lead in conservation, our work is done.

What we do

Honeyguide runs community-based conservation initiatives across nearly 1.2 million acres of wilderness in Tanzania. We work with communities across five program areas—enterprise development, management & governance, communications, human-wildlife conflict prevention, and wildlife & habitat protection—to advance sustainable practices in local conservation. These programs are interlinked, supporting and depending on each other to create robust, fully-functioning community protected areas.

Management & Governance

Human-Wildlife Conflict Prevention

Human-Wildlife Conflict Prevention

Reducing and de-escalating human-wildlife conflicts

Wildlife & Habitat Protection

Where we work

Honeyguide focuses on large landscapes that serve as dispersal areas and critical migratory routes for wildlife in northern Tanzania. With 60 percent of wildlife in Tanzania living outside of national parks at any given time, protection of community lands, which are increasingly being designated as Wildlife Management Areas, is necessary and pressing for protecting Tanzania’s breathtaking biodiversity. It is in these community conservation areas where Honeyguide, in partnership with the Tanzanian government and other like-minded organizations, supports initiatives that will result in sustainable outcomes.




Manyara Ranch

Our Mission is to build and support robust and sustainable community-based conservation outcomes in northern Tanzania.

Our Vision is that communities and wildlife in northern Tanzania will benefit from each other’s existence and thrive for generations to come.

2024 Targets

Our targets for our work for 2024 across the landscapes, this short publication is our work plan for 2024. Details of what we shall be doing in each of the WMAs, where we will invest in our organization and what special projects we have in the pipeline.

2024 Targets

Read our plans for 2024

Download 2024 Targets

5 Year Strategic Plan

Our 5-year Strategic Plan defines our reason for being in the coming years. Our plan includes our two goals, the reason why we selected these goals, what our targeted impact will be and who will be joining us on this journey.

5 Year Strategic Plan ( 2022-2026)

Read our five-year Strategic Plan

Download our 5 Year Strategic Plan

National WMA Strategy 2023-2033

The National Wildlife Management Areas Strategy 2023-2033

National WMA Strategy 2023-2033

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Our Supporters

“We proudly deployed the new scouts and look forward to the partnership with Honeyguide.”
Melembuki Meishurie, First Ever Manager of a WMA (Randilen) in Tanzania