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Ole Kirimbai
Ole KirimbaiChairman
Ole Kirimbai serves not only as our chairman but also our elder statesman of conservation, having spent lifetime working with communities and the Tanzanian government on issues in natural resource management. His positive energy and wisdom continues to guide Honeyguide to this day.
Damian Bell
Damian Bell Executive Director
Born in Tanzania, Damian began working in community-based tourism and conservation before such terms even existed. An entrepreneur and visionary at heart, Damian constantly strives for new ways of overcoming challenges and increasing the capacity of our organization. He, along with Ole Kirimbai, founded Honeyguide in 2007.

At Honeyguide, we have always been more than colleagues and more than a team. We are like an extended family. Our unity is our greatest strength. – Damian Bell

Belinda Mullo
Belinda Mullo Chief Accountant
Belinda ensures that every dollar Honeyguide receives is well spent and accounted for in our books. She embodies Honeyguide’s spirit of efficiency, transparency, and responsibility.
John Magembe
John Magembe Head Anti-Poaching Trainer
John grew up just outside of the Serengeti and has spent a career in the wilderness. Joining Honeyguide not long after it was founded, John launched and guided West Kilimanjaro’s highly effective mobile rapid response anti-poaching unit and has since helped train all of our teams.
Samuel Shaba
Samuel Shaba M&E Specialist
Sam guides Honeyguide’s efforts in data collection, analysis, and adaptive management. A graduate of Sokoine University of Agriculture, Sam is also a rising software developer and inventive thinker in supporting our strategies.
Emmanuel Kayongo
Emmanuel KayongoHead of Tracker Dog Unit
Emmanuel loves his dogs, who happen to be some of the best tracker German shepherds and conservation dogs in East Africa. Born in West Kilimanjaro, Emmanuel has served as the team’s top handler and is even training a team with Tanzania national parks outside the Serengeti.
Richard Laizer
Richard Laizer Human-Wildlife Conflict Officer
Richard comes from Tingatinga Village in West Kilimanjaro, a human-elephant conflict hot zone. Beginning as a volunteer with Honeyguide, Richard has developed into an expert in how to mitigate such conflicts, so farmers can protect their crops and elephants can better coexist with communities.
Alphonce Mallya
Alphonce Mallya Board Member
Alphonce not only regularly provides insights for Honeyguide’s board. As a coordinator and GIS expert with The Nature Conservancy, he also has served as a mentor for many of our young conservation professionals.
Petronela Office Assistant
Petronela grew up just outside of Arusha in the foothills of Mount Meru. She has made extraordinary strides in learning new skills and in assisting Honeyguide in the countless ways that never receive the due recognition they deserve.