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The Honeyguide Foundation (HGF) is a grass roots, non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Tanzania dedicated to support communities and the conservation of wildlife and natural resources through long-term community partnerships. The African Honeyguide is a bird that actively guides humans (and honey badgers) to beehives; we chose it as our symbol as it is a beautiful example of the symbiotic relationship between humans and wildlife and of successful partnerships in general.

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Partnership Promises to Strengthen Conservation & Communities


Honeyguide Foundation and the Tanzania People & Wildlife Fund (TPW) have launched a partnership to strengthen our joint community-based conservation initiatives across northern Tanzania.

The long-term partnership will begin with joint programming for human-wildlife conflict (HWC) prevention and evolve into a comprehensive community-based conservation collaboration.

“Conservation challenges are numerous across northern Tanzania,” said Dr. . . . → Read More: Partnership Promises to Strengthen Conservation & Communities

Orphaned Elephant Rescued for Christmas

Lead shot


After a hard overnight rain, the orphaned baby elephant felt the chill of the pre-dawn darkness. Lost and alone, the tiny male pachyderm stood as easy prey for lions or other predators. Stray dogs had already started to harass him, biting and nipping at his legs and ankles.

The newborn had wandered . . . → Read More: Orphaned Elephant Rescued for Christmas

Prince William honors Big Life's Richard Bonham

Richard Photo

We are very proud to announce that last night in London, Big Life’s co-founder and Director of Operations in Africa, Richard Bonham, was awarded The Prince William Award for Conservation in Africa at the Tusk Conservation Awards.

A lifetime achievement award, it recognises outstanding dedication and exceptional contributions to conservation in Africa.

Honeyguide manages Big Life projects in . . . → Read More: Prince William honors Big Life’s Richard Bonham

October ends with flurry of poaching incidents, arrests




Over the past week, a number of poaching incidents have plagued the unprotected areas primarily of the Tarangire-Manyara ecosystem. Fortunately, Tanzanian officials have been holding several suspects in custody. Details are still being investigated, but below is a roundup of recent headlines.




Poachers kill another bull in Lesimingori . . . → Read More: October ends with flurry of poaching incidents, arrests

Bull killed, poachers caught on Elephant March Day


Just after nightfall, the crack of gunfire echoed across the plains. A hunt and chase ensued in the darkness. Somewhere, another elephant died for its tusks.

In a sad stroke of irony, poachers slaughtered a massive bull elephant near Esilalei Village on October 14, the same day of the momentous Elephant March in Arusha, . . . → Read More: Bull killed, poachers caught on Elephant March Day

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