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Who we are

Above all, Honeyguide delivers results on the ground. We are field people. We have a core team of more than 50 committed individuals (all Tanzanians) and support and guide more than 100 rangers and officers in six wilderness areas covering 1.3 million acres. Our team ranges from veteran anti-poaching commanders to tech-savvy recent university graduates, from future women leaders and entrepreneurs to Maasai elders and warriors. Together, we have an absolute united commitment to produce real outcomes, to implement long-term sustainable programs, and to strengthen community-owned conservation initiatives.

acres under improved
resource management
rangers & officers
managed & mentored
wildlife conflicts
prevented (2015)
poachers & suspects
apprehended (2015)

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K9 Unit

K9 Unit

Human Wildlife Conflict

Human Wildlife Conflict Prevention

Wildlife Protection

Wildlife Protection

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What we do

Honeyguide runs community-based conservation initiatives across 1.3 million acres of wilderness in Tanzania. We empower communities to…  Protect wildlife and habitat. Prevent human-wildlife conflict. Improve the management of their natural resources. Develop new enterprises. Educate young people and adults. With such an integrated approach to locally led conservation, Honeyguide envisions a Tanzania in which communities and wildlife will benefit from each other’s existence and thrive for generations to come.

Where we work

Honeyguide focuses on large landscapes, including transboundary ones, of northern Tanzania, such as the famed Amboseli-Kilimanjaro, Serengeti-Mara, and Tarangire-Manyara. As wildlife disperses outside of national parks, Honeyguide primarily supports initiatives on community lands, such as in Wildlife Management Areas and critical migratory routes. Yet, in partnering with the Tanzanian government and many other like-minded non-profit organizations, we promote a comprehensive ecosystem and partnership approach to community-based conservation.

Strive in steadfast support of communities to manage their natural resources, to strengthen their livelihoods, and to conserve wildlife across vast landscapes through partnerships and long-term commitment.


Communities and wildlife will benefit from each other’s existence and thrive for generations to come.

In order for wildlife to thrive over vast landscapes with open migratory routes, communities need to take the lead in managing natural resources and in realizing more benefits from those resources.

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May 6th, 2016|0 Comments

Rocky can sniff and track down a poacher practically from the hills of West Kilimanjaro to the back alleys of Dar-es-Salaam. Enter Jerry, always on standby to leap into action in hot pursuit of the scent trail.

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Our Supporters

“We proudly deployed the new scouts and look forward to the partnership with Honeyguide.”
Melembuki Meishurie, First Ever Manager of a WMA (Randilen) in Tanzania