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The Honeyguide Foundation (HGF) is a grass roots, non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Tanzania dedicated to support communities and the conservation of wildlife and natural resources through long-term community partnerships. The African Honeyguide is a bird that actively guides humans (and honey badgers) to beehives; we chose it as our symbol as it is a beautiful example of the symbiotic relationship between humans and wildlife and of successful partnerships in general.

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Cheetah, baby Zebra Rescued


In recent weeks, rangers in Enduimet have rescued an adult female cheetah caught in a poacher’s snare and a baby zebra stuck in a muddy pit near Manyara Ranch.

Cheetah Rescue

Her right paw ensnared in a poacher’s deadly trap, the cheetah had nothing left to do but to wait and die. Earlier last . . . → Read More: Cheetah, baby Zebra Rescued

Volunteers, rangers contain Mount Meru fires



For nearly two weeks, the flames scorched the forests and foothills of Mount Meru, including swathes of Arusha National Park. The fire threatened hundreds of people and animals.


Nearly every day, however, more than 800 community volunteers and rangers trekked for up to three hours up the mountain to combat the inferno. . . . → Read More: Volunteers, rangers contain Mount Meru fires

The rare sighting & saving of the sacred pangolin


At midday, the rangers of Burunge WMA spotted the bizarre creature bumbling over the plains — a pangolin. It’s also called a scaly anteater, a trenggiling, and, in jest, a walking pinecone or artichoke.

So rarely seen, the pangolin is believed to be sacred by peoples throughout the world. Unfortunately, this has led to . . . → Read More: The rare sighting & saving of the sacred pangolin

Baby Wildebeest Saved from the Muck


Credit: Felipe Rodriguez


Neck-deep in water and sludge, the baby wildebeest could only wait to die. On September 8, she had fallen into the Ol Joro Dam, nothing more than a tiny waterhole, but could not climb out. Fortunately, community members discovered her mucky situation and notified rangers nearby at Manyara Ranch. . . . → Read More: Baby Wildebeest Saved from the Muck

Kilimanjaro Foot Patrol Reports for Duty


Photo Credit: Colleen Hogg

They trek through Kilimanjaro’s forests and the thick bush of the surrounding savannah. They trek if it is raining. They trek in the scorching heat. They trek so that they might find and capture poachers and other criminals.

They are the hardy Kilimanjaro Foot Patrol Unit, a seven-ranger team . . . → Read More: Kilimanjaro Foot Patrol Reports for Duty

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