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Governance Program Coordinator

Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) are village lands that have been designated by their local communities for use for the conservation of wildlife and natural resources, and where the community receives benefits from the Wildlife Management Area. The village members select persons from the village to represent them in the Authorized Association and within the Board of trustees. Both these are governing organs of the Wildlife Management Area and have their responsibilities and roles to play.


Conservation is as much an issue about people and their attitudes as it is about wildlife. Good, transparent, and equitable governance is critical for sustainable communal natural resource management. To support this objective, it is important for the WMA management team to communicate the goals and progress of their conservation and local development objectives to the community and various stakeholders. Visit our website page to learn more about this program:  Management and Governance – Honeyguide


Main Role:  Developing a framework to build the capacity of leadership of community Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) and delivering training to the leaders and management of these Wildlife Management Areas to enhance good governance and transparency.


Specific duties:

Governance programs

  • To develop a framework of training modules that promote transparent and equitable governance and position local leaders to hold the WMA management accountable. 
  • To develop a system to monitor and evaluate the governance and the impacts of any training program as well as integrating outcomes from the SAGE evaluation tool. 
  • Coordinating and implementing governance capacity-building activities with partners and stakeholders such as workshops and training programs.
  • Coaching governing members of WMAs to understand and value transparent and equitable governance as well as certain technical requirements for governance of WMAs.
  • To develop all governance training materials on Governance Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and all other technical governance training.
  • To compile and develop all training reports across WMAs and share with the line manager and WMA managers.
  • To coordinate with governance consultants before, during and after delivering capacity-building activities for all WMAs
  • Work closely with WMA governance bodies as on- job coaching to enhance governance and strengthen their abilities to work together as a team.
  • Maintain good relationship between WMAs and Honeyguide Foundation to ensure smooth implementation of activities.
  • Develop specific training to WMAs as requested by WMA management teams

We are looking for a candidate that has these qualities and interests:

  • Has a passion for sociology and how people live and work together, what bonds people for a common good. A bachelor’s degree from a reputable higher educational facility in the social sciences such as sociology or social development.
  • Has some experience establishing or managing monitoring systems that assess and monitor and assess behavior change and people’s attitudes. 
  • Has experience working with governance capacity building activities such as workshops and training whereby the experience has supported the strengthening of either local governing organs or local attitudes to equitable and transparent governance for local communities. 
  • Have an organized and pedantic approach to their work and how they do things, able to manage tasks with timelines, prioritization.
  • Able to write reports in English, these include progress reports, updates, and information for marketing and fundraising. 
  • Is honest, humble, and has a genuine interest in helping others and development work in general, with a passion to help local communities and see them grow. 
  • Able to travel regularly to remote community areas, work with rural communities and stay in simple accommodation, the job will require the candidate to spend at least 50% of their time working with WMA managers in their respective WMAs.
  • Has the passion for community development and social change in all aspects of social, financial, and ecological.
  • Happy to work with a team, collaborate and have fun.




  • The candidate must have a diploma or degree in social sciences or humanities sociology or local development from a recognized university, college or training institute.
  • The candidate must be fluent in both professional written and spoken Swahili and English.
  • Candidates must have a clean record of any previous engagement or activities and must provide references.
  • The candidate must be adaptable and maintain a positive attitude; she or he must be comfortable working in a flexible work environment and coordinating among several partner entities.
  • The candidate must have a previous experience of 2 to 3 years in a senior program or management position in a medium-size business or organization.
  • The candidate must have experience in delivering training to diverse groups of people, especially adults.
  • The candidate must be creative to adapt different training techniques while delivering training.