The Honeyguide Tourist officer Komolo Simel is organizing for cycling competition to be held in Enduimet WMA.  “We are aiming to make awareness of amazing tourism activities in Enduimet and raising funds to support to the WMA conserving its wildlife and natural resources….” the officer said.

Honeyguide organizer for the event have already met with Arusha cycling club to find the participant and routes to be used. In a meantime, Moshi cycling club have been summoned to show up on the race.

However, a lot of plans for the event are yet to be settled, these includes; online map for the route and confirmation from Moshi cycling club, still the event is expected to be launched in between July or August 2016. You are all welcome to witness the first ever cycling tour at Western Kilimanjaro side while enjoying the abundance of wildlife at the steep slopes!