Over the past week, a number of poaching incidents have plagued the unprotected areas primarily of the Tarangire-Manyara ecosystem. Fortunately, Tanzanian officials have been holding several suspects in custody. Details are still being investigated, but below is a roundup of recent headlines.




Poachers kill another bull in Lesimingori Mountains

Just one week after an elephant died by a poacher’s bullet on Elephant March Day, poachers struck again from within the Lesimingori Mountains on October 22, this time not only killing an elephant but also successfully removing its tusks. Unfortunately, Tanzanian anti-poaching officials (KDU) and Manyara Ranch rangers did not receive information in time to respond and catch the culprits.

Woman trampled to death by elephant

On October 22, an elephant trampled to death a woman from Esilalei Village. While this tragic and sad story is not related to the poaching incident, it again reveals how human-elephant conflicts have severe and even fatal consequences for communities. Honeyguide has begun to strengthen and expand its human-elephant conflict prevention and mitigation programs. It is understandable why communities experience such high and dangerous levels of human-elephant conflict are often resistant to report poachers.

Elephant poisoned in West Kilimanjaro

In TingaTinga Village, near the Enduimet WMA, a female elephant was also recently poisoned to death on October 23, possibly in retaliation for crop damage caused by elephants in the area.

Bushmeat poachers ambushed near Manyara Ranch

On October 23, Manyara Ranch rangers once again received a tip that bushmeat poachers had made a kill in the area. An ambush led to the capture of two suspected poachers carrying sacks full of impala meat on a motorbike. The individuals were taken to KDU headquarters in Arusha.

Suspected poachers with elephant tusk caught near Randilen WMA

On October 29, intelligence received by Manyara Ranch rangers, with the support of KDU, led to the apprehension of 5 people near Mswakini Juu Village. After searching a homestead where one of the suspects had been staying, KDU rangers uncovered the tusk of an elephant. Suspects were brought into custody at KDU headquarters in Arusha.

Bushmeat poachers fall into a snare near Burunge WMA

Once again, community informants provided intelligence that led to the arrest of a poacher near Burunge WMA. The poacher had been bearing the meat of impala on his motorbike, when KDU rangers apprehended him. He has been brought into KDU headquarters for questioning.