A film is in the making–a gripping story is about to be released at the nearby villages of Randilen and Burunge WMAs. The short film is expected to be launched in mid-June 2016 by Honeyguide’s educational and awareness team and funded by the Drollinger Family Charitable Foundation. Directed to increase the awareness of the communities surrounding these WMAs about the issue of conflict between farmers and wildlife; emphasizing the importance of using the Honeyguide HWC toolkit as a tool to train elephants to stay off the farms. The film will also introduce the concept of sustainability of the Human Wildlife Conflict program in these areas.

Honeyguide have used the medium of film a number of times to communicate key issues or messages, “Our hope is that this story will increase understanding of how wild animals can be prevented to destroy families’ livelihood across the WMAs’ region” said Damian Bell, Honeyguide Executive Director and Film director.