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Educational Film Brings Awareness and Dialogue to WMA Communities

2020-05-16T08:23:47+00:00May 29th, 2017|Environmental Education, Honeyguide News, News|

A recent month-long film roadshow helped spread awareness and foster dialogue with Randilen Wildlife Management Area (WMA) communities in rural Tanzania. Locally-produced, and including influential community leaders, the film helped educate locals about Randilen WMA’s achievements, function and its challenges along the way. Screenings were backed up with question and answer sessions, fostering a growing

Film in the Making to Raise Community Awareness of Human Wildlife Conflict

2020-05-16T08:23:18+00:00May 3rd, 2016|Community News, Environmental Education|

A film is in the making--a gripping story is about to be released at the nearby villages of Randilen and Burunge WMAs. The short film is expected to be launched in mid-June 2016 by Honeyguide's educational and awareness team and funded by the Drollinger Family Charitable Foundation. Directed to increase the awareness of the communities

March for Elephants on Nyerere Day

2020-05-16T08:23:19+00:00October 17th, 2014|Environmental Education, Honeyguide News|

On a misty cool morning, among hundreds of supporters, Honeyguide Foundation celebrated Nyerere Day by joining the Elephant March through Arusha. The peaceful protest called for an end to the international trade in ivory and rhino horn, a crackdown on the senseless killing of wild animals for such trophies, and stricter laws against poaching in

Cinema Beside the Wild

2020-05-16T08:22:47+00:00November 29th, 2013|Environmental Education, Honeyguide News|

At dusk, the MC fired up the film projector and let the music blast from two portable speakers. It had been market day in Lerangwa Village, and shoppers and revelers soon gathered around the projector, listened to a Maasai pop song, and eagerly awaited the show to begin. Soon enough, images of WMA rangers going

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